Ford Sterling Axle Receives Precision Global Savings Award


Contact: Lisa Young
Phone: 248-561-3015

STERLING, MICHIGAN – August 18, 2008, Precision Global Systems has awarded a 2007 Precision Global Savings Award to Ford Motor Company’s Sterling Axle Plant.  Precision Global Systems, an industry leader of cost savings methods through non-conforming products solutions recognized Pat Reid, Plant Manager of Ford Manager of Ford Sterling Axle, for cost savings of over $1.8 million, while saving landfills 218 tons of steel, aluminum and plastic components annually.

Ford Sterling Axle Plant Manager, Pat Reid was recognized with the Precision Global Savings Award, by Precision Global Systems CEO Stephanie Najarian.  “We have worked diligently to provide effective cost savings solutions to Ford’s Sterling Axle plant. The $1.8 million savings in 2007 reflects the commitment of both companies to uncover cost savings, while reducing the impact on our nations’ landfills. Financial results indicate there are more opportunities to improve profitability and we will continue to work hard to uncover new cost savings solutions,” said Najarian.

PGS is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary and is headquartered at 2565 Industrial Row Drive, Troy, Michigan 43084.  Precision Global Systems is comprised of three divisions: Crisis Manufacturing Management, Machining & Assembly and Component Recertification Solutions.  For more information about Precision Global Systems contact Public Relations and Marketing Manager, Lisa Young and visit the website at

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