Next Generation Production Services for Automotive, Defense & Aerospace.

Powered By: 40+ YRs Industry Operating Expertise, Multiple Quality Certifications and Accolades, & 3 US Patents.

Precision Global Systems is an industry leading service solutions provider that can sustainably & seamlessly integrate your organization’s part production.

PGS offers a broad range of innovative capabilities paired with advanced Industry 4.0 processes which result in both industry leading quality standards and consistently precise parts.

Targeted Contract Assembly

Industry 4.0 Targeted Assembly & Manufacture Services
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Sustainable Impact / Wash

Parts Washing, Global Green Impact, Recertification

Land & Ship

Inbound & Outbound Part Management & Fulfillment
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What makes PGS a Powerful Partner


PGS maintains a Six Sigma quality benchmark for all manufacturing operations & continues to shape the future of advanced quality procedures.

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Our ERP integrated network of barcodes & traceable material management processes exceeds both industry standards & the expectations of our customers.

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Cyber Security

Our Cyber unit constantly deploys testing protocols & rigidly follows the highest certifiable standards in the industry. All customer data is securely backed up across multiple site locations.

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Each new process at PGS is verified through our sustainability arm to ensure manufacturing & material optimization as well as Carbon Footprint Management.

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“Precision Global Systems continues to provide valuable contributions to the military Defense complex. Their leadership & knowledge repeatedly aids in mitigating complex fallacies we face on a day-to-day basis. Working with a partner as strong as PGS makes my job easier.”

- Ret. USA, COLONEL George B. Patten

“Richard’s an exceptional leader that has always been a pleasure to work with. As a retired Officer thats now in the Ammunition & Arms business, PGS & Richard have had my business’s back throughout several operations. Always superior quality with fast turnaround.”

- Chairman Defense Logistics & Ret. Senior U.S. Army Officer Joe Anderson

“Precision Global Systems is a manufacturer for some of the world's largest automotive and defense companies. PGS has become a leader in machine and assembly, and component recertification. A veteran of the frontlines of American capitalism, I am honored to introduce an individual who has been successful in good times and bad and has insights to share on public policy moving forward. Mr. Richard Najarian; Thank you.”

US (MI-11) Congressman Kerry Bentivolio - Retired

“We have worked with PGS several times over the last few years and they have exceeded our expectations every time. Amazing quality with unbeatable service. When we hand parts over to PGS we can take a deep exhale knowing those parts are going to be perfect.”

- CEO TM Solutions Derek Thompson

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