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PGS Sustainability Initiatives & Washing give your business a competitive advantage with our Part Recertification Program and Global Green Impact.


No matter the product, PGS's 7 unique washing systems support all shapes & sizes of component parts. Pre-assembly, Intra-assembly, as well as Post-assembly.

Production Parts

Our dedicated metal washing specialists clean over 4 million production parts annually for OEM & Tier 1 companies. You name it, we can clean it!

Surface Finish

Targeting 5-micron contamination results means removal of Machine Oil, Metal Chips, Dirt, Rust, Grease, RTV, or any other troublesome part contaminants.

Learn how PGS can transform your company’s environmental efforts.

Value 1

Easily catch your organization up to modern consumer sustainability trends with PGS.

We work to develop custom solutions that transform your business’s sustainable impact.

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Value 2

Precision sustainability applications backed & validated by past performance & proprietary chemical solutions.

PGS has the capacity to recertify millions of parts each month.

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Recertification & Testing

Save money & time for your shareholders by incorporating the PGS Part Recertification program.

Plastic Washing

Patented solutions to wash & re-certify plastic caps, plugs, seals & assembly aids for industry. Plastic parts don’t have to go to the landfill anymore!


PGS Derust for the US military shows our ability to tackle projects at any scale. Liquid Derust 100% protection saves time & money.


What type of Machinery do you run?

A top-of-the-line Noise Vibration & Harshness (NVH) machine imported from Austria and used by Timken & Koyo in their joint venture.

What does your Bearing re-certification process look like?

Our integrated system starts with washing, then moves to a testing phase. If successful, it moves on to laser etch (part ID) then over to re-oil with its final stop being packing. All parts leave our facilities with a 10 micron nominal cleanliness level.

What is the max bearing size offered?

180mm is our maximum bearing size capacity.

What is the maximum size of a part you can De-Rust?

A 48” x 36” cube is max the height & width dimensions. However, your parts length can be up to 1000” long.

What are some other specifications in the process?
  • Your parts are washed in our non-hazardous, non-toxic solution
  • We are able to de-rust any item (threads included) due to our proprietary liquid-based process.
  • The max temp of our process is 115 degrees Fahrenheit
  • We can process any metal even mixed metal parts
  • Our rinse process has a water-based Rust Preventative applied that is non-hazardous & provides long lasting support.
Why should I use PGS to wash my plastic caps?

We have a US patent for our proprietary process to wash & re-certify used plastic parts. We offer precision & high volume solutions.

What types of Plastic Parts do you process?

Typically, these are plastic caps, plugs, and seals used for shipping along with protective plastic used for assembly aides.

What can you tell me about your final surfaces; post-removal?

The surface quality will maintain 100% integrity within a 5-micron tolerance for cleanliness due to our industry leading non-hazardous, non-toxic wash process.

Can you tell me more about this process?

PGS has developed a unique and sustainable process to remove RTV from Aluminum castings. This process also supports other metals, as well. The removal allows for the re-use of expensive machined parts that would otherwise be scrapped.

What level certifications does PGS have for MPI?

PGS offered level 3 MPI Services; this allows us to start new projects with confidence.

Does PGS have Low Arc capabilities on MPI?

Yes, we have low arc capabilities typically used by the AeroSpace industry.

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