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We offer a targeted range of contract services with both civilian & military applications. Browse the growing list below & don't hesitate to send us a message even if you require services outside the currently listed scope.

Keyence System

Which Keyence System to you offer?

We offer an IM-8030T Keyence System purchased in 2022. Advanced height gauge, light probe, & rotator with integrated next generation optical comparator.

Magnectic Particle Inspection

What level certifications does PGS have for MPI?

PGS offered level 3 MPI Services; this allows us to start new projects in a breeze.

Does PGS have Low Arc capabilities on MPI?

Yes, we have low arc machinery.

EDM Machining

What EDM Machines does PGS run?

A brand new state-of-the-art Makino U3i purchased in mid-2022.

What are some specifics your machines offer?

Nothing! We have programers available to completely customize your production part process.

Can you design fixtures for parts in the EDM process?

Yes we specialize in it! PGS has industry leading fixture design capabilities.


What polishing surface finishes do you offer?

We offer polishing to a 0.3 Ra surface finish.

What add on services does PGS offer in Polishing?

PGS offers in-house solutions for molds & fixtures building in order to accommodate selective polishing.

RTV/Seal Removal

What can you tell me about your final surfaces; post-removal?

The surface quality will be maintained maintain 100% integrity within 5 microns of cleanliness due to our industry leading non-hazardous, non-toxic wash process.


What is the maximum size of a part you can De-Rust?

A 48” x 36” cube is max the height & width dimensions. However, your parts length can be up to 1000” long.

Can you tell me statistics about the process?
  1. Your parts are washed in our non-hazardous, non-toxic solution
  2. We are able to dearest any share (threads included) due to our proprietary liquid based process.
  3. The max temp of our process is 115 degrees FahrenheitWe can process any metals even mixed metal parts
  4. We can process any metals even mixed metal parts
  5. Our rinse process has a water based Rust Preventative applied that is non-hazardous & provides long lasting support.

Plastic Washing

Why should I use PGS to wash my plastic caps?

We have a US patent for our proprietary process to wash & re-certify used plastic parts. We offer precision & high volume solutions.

CNC Machining

What are PGS’s CNC capabilities?

We offer 4 axis CNC for both simple & complex machining projects.

Are you able to machine large parts?

Yes, we are growing our CNC division every day in order to tackle today's toughest manufacturing challenges.

Stabilizer Bar Assembly

What experience does PGS have with stabilizer bar assembly?

PGS is the industry leader in stabilizer bar assembly. Having completely redefined the industry in the last 10 years, our modern assembly techniques are solidify our place as the industry leaders in stabilizer bar assembly.

What are the specifications of PGSs Stabilizer Bar Assembly?

We’ve Poke Yoked our stabilizer bar assembly tables to accommodate integrated barcode reading as well as air-proofed the assembly corresponding to left hand and right hand torque values. Capacity studies, control plans, and engineering change requests are all managed internally by PGS.

Who are your current Stabilizer Bar customers?

PGS assembles stabilizer bars for the following companies: Honda, Stellantis, GM, & Ford. We process & ship millions of assemblies per year directly to our amazing customers!

Welding & Metal Fabrication

Do you offer weld-based assembly processes?

PGS is a highly experienced weld facility. We provide services across in both Michigan and Indiana as well as offering weld component parts for service or production part racks.

Bearing Testing & Recertification

What type of Machinery do you run?

A Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) Machine. Top of the line imported from Austria and used by Timken & Koyo in the joint venture.

What does your Bearing re-certification process look like?

Our integrated system starts with washing, then moves to a testing phase. If successful, it moves on to laser etch (part ID) then over to re-oil with its final stop being packing. All parts leave our facilities with a 10 micron nominal cleanliness level.

What it the max bering size offered?

180mm is our maximum bearing size capacity.

Have any questions about a process not listed?

Precision Global Systems is constantly growing and adding to ourstack of manufacturing processes please let us know if you have aquestion that is outside the scope of PGS.

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