Land & Ship

Inbound & Outbound
Part Management & Fulfilment

PGS provides logistics & fulfillment
services that enable companies
to operate on a global scale.

Management & Fulfillment

Value 1

PGS offers integrated part add-on services like Repack, Container Management, Washing, De-Rust, Sub Assembly, Gauging, Inspections, & Customer Support.

A trusted and proven one-stop-shop for your global Land & Ship needs.

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Value 2

Our 11 truck wells paired with nearly 100,000 square feet & 24/7 security monitoring means you can rest assured your products are safe & secure at PGS.

Check our 5-star reviews from our Land & Ship service operation.

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Value 3

Our Unload + Reload processes are paired with multiple certifications that save your business time & money.

Reduce loss, improve quality, & make sure your products arrive to your customer at peak performance.

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Technical Specifications

Manufacturing Floor Sq Ft
100,000 Sq Ft
Trucking Ports
11 Docks & 2 Bay Doors
Inbound Operation Window
Port Controlled Temperature
66 to 80 F / 18.6 to 27 C
Pallets Per Hour
60 Pallets PH
Payload Capacity
6,000 lbs capacity

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