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2024 CEO Annual Letter

May 13, 2024
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In 2024, PGS is poised to encounter a multitude of both thrilling opportunities and formidable challenges. Throughout this journey, our unwavering dedication remains fixed on expertly guiding our customers through transitions—a skill honed over four decades—embodied in the "PGS Way," characterized by a can-do attitude.

Transitioning from 2023 into the next phase of growth, PGS is intensifying its focus within the automotive sector while simultaneously venturing into new avenues such as defense, aerospace, and agriculture. Collaborative efforts with multinational entities in Europe are also underway. In response to the diverse linguistic needs of our partners fluent in Spanish, French, and German, we have overhauled the PGS website. These enhancements, coupled with internal optimization initiatives, are aimed at fortifying our business foundation through diversification and unwavering customer support.

Undergoing a corporate identity overhaul, PGS has reinvested nearly $200,000 into facility enhancements encompassing equipment upgrades, safety measures, optimized material flow, cleanliness initiatives, and overall operational efficiency improvements. Bolstered by our steadfast commitment to our workforce, we are highly optimistic about achieving significant breakthroughs in 2024.

For those seeking a dedicated and outstanding supplier, we extend a warm invitation to consider PGS.

- Stephanie Najarian / CEO

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