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We provide Industry 4.0 Targeted Assembly solutions that allow organizations to scale production & improve manufacturing processes.


PGS leverages a breadth of assembly —solutions designed to manufacture, sort,automate, and assembly parts that intergrate effortlessly into your orginization.

From inbound sorting to precision welding solutions, PGS's Contract Assembly Solutions or all deleloped with your goals of growing your orginizations supplychain.
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PGS utilizes Industry 4.0 principles in an automated assembly environment to standardize & trace the entire manufacturing process.


PGS has serviced almost every major company within Automotive, Defense, Aerospace, & Agriculture. Our speciality is the precision execution of the toughest projects.


PGS Traceability allows historical lot & part barcode tracking with advanced systems; all data available uninterrupted.


Better than Six Sigma. PGS quality represents a culmination of decades of quality optimization practices & strong partnerships.

Targeted Contract Assembly FAQ

Who will I work with once my project starts?

You will get a dedicated project/program manager to work with you or your team. Our onboarding strategies facilitate discovery & information sharing to better optimize the manufacturing process.

Does PGS specialize in any assembly procedures?

PGS has a specialized focus in Stabilizer Bars, Service Axles, E-Locking & Traditional Differentials, Pinion Flanges, Wheel Hubs, & Rear Drive Units. We are always adding to this list as we master new assembly procedures.

Does PGS offer traceability & lot control?

Yes we can! It’s the most implemented add-on feature we offer with almost every project grounded in traceability & lot control.

Do I need anything in order to work with PGS?

Part prints & samples are always preferred however some PGS customers require in-house R&D before beginning production level manufacturing on the project.

How does PGS validate part quality?

PGS validate quality through a number of in-house benchmarks. These include: mating part vision system / part functionality, part audits, in line gauging, visual manufacturing aids, step by step work instructions, etc.

What is your available machining tolerencing?

We can usually machine to a .05 mm tolerance however with special projects we can maintain even tighter variances.

How we work

Value 1

Our services deliever sustainable solutions that support growth in your orginization.

Results that change the way you look at part management.

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Value 2

Our services deliever sustainable solutions that support growth in your orginization.

Results that change the way you look at part management.

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Our services deliever sustainable solutions that support growth in your orginization.

Results that change the way you look at part management.

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What experience does PGS have with stabilizer bar assembly?

PGS is the industry leader in stabilizer bar assembly. Having completely redefined the industry in the last 10 years, our modern assembly techniques have solidified our place as the industry leaders in stabilizer bar assembly.

What are the specifications of PGSs Stabilizer Bar Assembly?

We’ve Poke Yoked our stabilizer bar assembly tables to accommodate integrated barcode reading as well as air-proofed the assembly corresponding to left-hand and right-hand torque values. Capability studies, control plans, and engineering change requests are all managed internally by PGS.

Who are your current Stabilizer Bar customers?

PGS assembles stabilizer bars for Honda, Stellantis, GM, & Ford. We process & ship millions of assemblies per year directly to our amazing customers!

What polishing surface finishes do you offer?

We offer polishing to a 0.3 Ra surface finish.

What add on services does PGS offer in Polishing?

PGS offers in-house solutions for molds & fixtures building in order to accommodate selective polishing.

Do you offer weld-based assembly processes?

PGS is a highly experienced weld facility. We provide services across in both Michigan and Indiana as well as offering weld component parts for service or production part racks.

Which Keyence System to you offer?

We offer an IM-8030T Keyence System purchased in 2022, which is a 300 x 200 mm square stage Wide stage model incorporating programmable ring-illumination/light probe unit/Contact Height Measurement Unit.

What are PGS’s CNC capabilities?

We offer 4 axis CNC for both simple & complex machining projects.

Are you able to machine large parts?

Yes, we are growing our CNC division every day in order to tackle today's toughest manufacturing challenges.

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